As climbing material for vegetables we have developed new twines made out of pure paper and viscose. The twines are available with1,7 mm Ø and a tensile strength of 45 kgs and a diameter of 1,6 mm and a tensile strength of 20 kgs and can be used for e.a. in tomato-, pepper- and cucumber cultures. This product is protected from the European Patent Law.
The patent no. is EP 18 42 944


Bullet-Point  the white colour reflects the light which the vegetables need for growing

Bullet-Point comfortable in handling

Bullet-Point bio-degradable, environmentally friendly

Bullet-Point can be shared with a shredder

Bullet-Point valuable compost, together with the vegetables

Bullet-Point combusts residue-free

Bullet-Point no costs for disposal after harvest

Bullet-Point harmless for human and wildlife

GarnTec Tendril twines are made from 100 % natural materials that do not contain plastics, PVC or other materials that are non bio-degradable. As a result our twines decompose completely. The yarns can be ordered in continious length on spools or wound on wire hooks.

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