Paper yarns, paper cords and swellable yarns

Ranges of application:

Bullet-Point  In the cable industry for optical and traditional telecommunication cables, power cables and special cables:

  • Paper yarns and paper cords as blind vein and as center no run in the cable. To reach with paper-isolated phone cables in addition as covering of the leader around an even distance between leaders and isolation.
  • Swellable yarns, swellable yarn inserts and swellable volumes, swelling tapes, separating tapes and cable insulating paper

Bullet-Point As  binding yarn with wire insert for the tinkering need, nursery gardens, floristik, market gardens, vegetable and cultivation of fruit, viticulture, etc..

Bullet-Point In the textile industry paper yarns are used as reinforcement fabrics or as effect yarn in the shot of the fabric.

Bullet-Point In furniture, carpets, wallpapers, curtains, etc..


The thinnest papiergarne of the world:

The raw material basis of our products are special celluloses from those our suppliers manufacture the necessary special papers. Of papers with square measure starting from 14 g/square meter finest paper yarns and cords in the strength are manufactured from 0.20 mm to 30 mm. GarnTec is with the thin thread sizes the world specialist with appropriate know-how and within certain ranges of only offerers

You see, the application type of our products are various! contact us, if we aroused your interest!

If you recognize further applications we enjoy creating a new product for your special application.


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