Diameters from 1,8 mm up to 30,0 mm

For the manufacture of communication cables, püower cables and special cables, our cable filling strings are particularly suitable as strain-relieving elemnts. Due to the good-price-performance ratio they can substitute synthetic yarns (for example PP yarns) as construction elements

By application of most commonly used wooden drums it is possible to use GarnTec filling strings in the stranding machines. GarnTec manufactures paper cable filling strings with a diameter of 1,8 mm up to 30 mm.

Our paper cords are made of high-quality craft papers and can be supplied in soft and hard version.

Conditioning of cross spools up to 100 kgs.

In additional the parallel wound cords can be supplied as rings or on plastic-, metal-, or wooden drums.

Range of application:

Bullet-Point  telephone cable, energy cable and special cable manufacturing, as center string, filling string or blind string

Bullet-Point  to bundle up paper and waste paper

Bullet-Point  paper handles for paper bag manufacturing

Bullet-Point  as decoration material

Bullet-Point  to close garbage bags

Bullet-Point  packaging networks and packaging bars manufacturing

Bullet-Point  as packing material in all paper areas

Bullet-Point  in turn-up-systems of paper machines

Bullet-Point  paper webs as fabrics for furniture, doors and room dividers


If you recognize further applications we enjoy creating a new product for your special application.


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